Effective Communication

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Course type Short Courses
Accreditation equivalent: N/A
Course length 1 or 3 hours
Next start date On request
Price £25 - £75pp + Vat

Effective communication is a key feature of all successful organisations and a vital skill that requires continuing development. The ‘how’ we communicate is frequently more important than the ‘what’ – this short course is designed to help individuals understand the behaviour of effective communication and demonstrate why we so often simply fail to get our message across. Although each course is tailored to meet individual organisational needs, the indicative content includes:

  • The importance of effective communication at work and the effects of poor communication
  • The stages in communication: sender – encoding – transmission – decoding – receiver
  • Possible barriers to communication in the workplace
  • Different types of communication including oral, written, visual, and electronic and their relative advantages and disadvantages
  • Techniques of face to face and indirect communication, and when each is appropriate
  • How to use feedback to check effectives of communication
  • Perception and its effects on the interpretation of data
  • Significance of non verbal communication and body language

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