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Course type Short Courses
Accreditation equivalent: N/A
Course length 1 or 3 hours
Next start date On request
Price £25 - £75pp + Vat

This budgeting course is highlights the importance of proper financial planning. Budgeting and financial planning are essential requirements for every business. Maximising the use of funds and planning income and expenditure will greatly assist the business development. Budgets are estimates of the businesses forecasts and should also be measured against actual costs to highlight the variances.

  • The nature and purpose of budgets, and the advantage of budgetary control
  • Methods to monitor variance of actual performance against budget
  • Causes of variance, their significance and ways of reducing adverse effects
  • How to gather information for use in determining and/or revising budgets
  • Definition of fixed and variable costs; concept of break even, especially in relation to own organisation
  • Mechanisms to maintain control of costs, and how to select the optimum method

Entry Requirements

The only entry requirements are an open mind and a willingness to learn.

English Language Requirements

The courses are presented in English. It will assist you to have written as well as language skills in English.

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